Hog Hunts

Most hog hunts take place around 10P.M. at night, but some can be taken in the afternoon. Your guide will equip you and your bait site with green hog hunting lights for night hunting. These wild hogs are a cross of a Feral Hog and a Russian Razorback and can be hunted 365 days a year. They are very dangerous and have razor sharp tusk that can rip through anything.

The average wild hog weighs around 200lbs. Trophy boars weigh 300lbs and up. If you're looking a wild hog to harvest for meat — you would want to take a hog weighting less than 200lbs for more tender meat.

Hunters will be hunting over bait sites which consist of a electric corn feeder and a sweet potato pile. We have trail cams at every bait site to monitor game movement, so your guide will know where the best bait site is for taking these wild hogs. We have high success rates and plenty of repeat hunters. Our guides go out of there way to ensure every hunter with the best hunting experience possible. Tips to your guide is optional, but is very well appreciated.

Hog Hunt Prices

  • 1-Day (No Lodging) (1-3) Hunters $375.00 per hunter
    (4-6) Hunters $300.00 per hunter
  • 2-Day (with lodging) (1-3) Hunters $675.00 per hunter
    (4-6) Hunters $575.00 per hunter
  • 3-Day (with lodging) (1-3) Hunters $975
    (4-6) Hunters $825.00
  • 1 Hog per day per hunter, Additional hog $250.00
  • Non-hunter $45.00 a day per person
  • 3 Meals a day (Home Cooked) can be added for a extra $30.00 per day per hunter

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